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We offer a wide range of services catering to women of all ages and children upto 16 years of age.

Centres of Excellence


Gynaecology & Obstetrics

A woman is a complete circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”. We pamper women as they rely on us for the birth of their precious little one and make it a memorable experience.
Maternity services including pre-conception care, routine antenatal and postnatal care, to regular gynecological treatments, we have it all from the most experienced Obstetricians and Gynecologists around!
Neonatology inHyderabad

Neonatology & Pediatrics

Optimal health care for newborns and specialized health care for delicate little children is every child’s essential right. Each one of them deserves quality health care and emotional well being any time.
Protecting their innocence and helping them live a prosperous life is our responsibility

Paediatric Surgery

Our specialized pediatric surgeons treat children from the newborn stage through late adolescence for a range of conditions affecting children.
They choose to focus on pediatric care not only with medical excellence but with utmost compassion and endearment.

General Surgery for women

Womanhood is strong yet delicate! Life may come across a series of medical and surgical challenges too. With top of the class advanced medical services and famously experienced surgeons dedicated to your health and comfort we ensure you heal as we create a world of happy women!

General Medicine for women

The strength of a woman can never be estimated! Our services also offer the skilled and targeted treatment for general illnesses that hamper women. Femcity strives to medically support our strong women to make them fitter, healthier and happier.
3D 4D image ultrasound


Women and Child 3D and 4D scans. The Radiology department at Femcity provides outstanding clinical care in medical imaging and reporting with the current innovations and supporting technologies in the field to give you precise scans.
best maternity hospital

Fetal medicine

Watching over your babies from when they are inside mummy, is critical and must be done by the experts and we have women experts! We pride in housing female fetal medicine specialists who can detect irregularities through scans early on,to treat or handle them affectively.
DERMATOLOGY in Hyderabad

Dermotology & Cosmetic

Women & kids need to sparkle just the way they like! Our modern, cutting-edge and effective procedures coupled with experienced, qualified doctors can give you all the sparkle & confidence you deserve with a radiant skin and also treat all sorts of skin disorders.


Musculoskeletal problems, accumulated overtime or with pregnancy should never be allowed to halt a life. Physiotherapy clinical services coupled with warmhearted care provides recovery & management of such pains.
Most women are unaware that physiotherapy has proven to be effective in treating pregnancy issues affecting the pelvis or pelvic floor.
NUTRITION in Hyderabad


Sometimes interpreting the correct nutrition can go a long way to cure, manage, comfort and stay fit. A critical part of health and development, leave the details to our nutrition experts who can guide you throughout.


ENT Specialist in Hyderabad

ENT Specialist

Our ENT team specializes in the treatment of conditions associated with the ear, nose or throat in both adults and children and certain head or neck complaints.
Orthopedic in Hyderabad


Be it chronic pain or be it an injury, our dedicated team is available to provide you the medical support and personalized attention to bring back your quality of life. We understand this pain is difficult and we will strive to heal it with medical excellence.
Diabetology in Hyderabad

Diabetology/ Endocrinology

With today’s indulgent yet stressful lifestyle, many are at a risk of diabetes- a condition that’s common but one that needs specific monitoring and medical support.
Our dedicated team of specialists will be there for you to diagnose, treat and manage diabetes and in many cases help delay or prevent it.
Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

 Sometimes it’s needed and it can change a life! Using cutting edge technologies like bariatric surgery and minimally invasive procedures, our surgeons give excellent medical care,

treatment and support in a comforting ambience full of warmth and personalized attention to get you the body and quality life you dreamed of.

Gynecology/ Breast Oncology

We can’t let the cancers win. Femcity offers oncologists that are well experienced in treatment, tempered with wisdom and tender concern that alleviates all of the patient’s pain.
Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

It is performing a range of imaging procedures to obtain images of the inside of the body. The specialist radiologist then translates these images to diagnose injury and illnesses, and then to perform various interventional corrective medical procedures.

Pulmonology in hyderabad


We want to breathe freely the air of joy! Our pulmonology department provides a full spectrum of treatment for diseases affecting the lungs and breathing.
This includes respiratory allergies, asthma, pneumonia, sleep disorders and others. Our top class team of women doctors provide the highest standards of devoted and effective medical care.
Vascular Surgery in Hyderabad

Vascular Surgery

Our supremely skilled surgeons with years of excellence & experience perform a full range of vascular procedures. A highly sensitive specialty for treating diseases affecting the blood vessels,
should be conducted only by the most qualified and skilled professionals that we proudly offer.
Psychology doctor in Hyderabad

Psychiatry & Psychology

“Sensitive yet sensible”, a woman is everything!But every person needs an unfailing support when our mental health deteriorates.

Holding advanced qualifications and experience, our Psychologists and Psychiatrists use therapy or medications to heal women’s mental health revealing a world of happy women.

NEUROLOGY in Hyderabad


Conditions of the nerves, muscle and brain are taken care of by a specialist team of Neurologists using advanced treatment and exemplary care to heal our patients.
CARDIOLOGY in Hyderabad


The tender loving heart, deserves nothing but care and nourishing! Our specialist cardiologist team have years of pivotal experience in providing the heart care for patients.
The department also focuses on maintaining a healthy heart and prevention of possible heart diseases.
UROLOGY in Hyderabad


Committed and specialized doctors provide optimum level of treatment and compassionate care for Urological issues pertaining to the urinary tract problems.
We strive to perform the most minimally invasive procedures and yet offer the most apt treatmentthat can provide the soonestrelief to the patient.


Femcity’s pathology department is equipped with the most advanced and accurate screening technologies that provide precise and trustworthy results that are the best launch to a successful treatment.
PILATES doctor in hyderabad


Pilates can improve posture, muscle tone and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension. With years of experience our Pilates instructor will ensure you do the right things in the right way and reap the full benefits of this marvelous workout!
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