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Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad

With years of highly specialist experience and thoughtful empathetic attitude towards women that is modern yet respectful, Femcity sure does have the best Gynecologist in Hyderabad. Visit our team of Gynecologists and Obstetricians and read below to know why we say we have the best gynecologists.
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What does a Gynecologist do?

Gynecologists are proficiently trained doctors that specialize in women’s overall reproductive health. Gynecologists specialize in illness, injuries, or diseases of the female reproductive system. It’s essential to have regular visits with your gynecologist to maintain your reproductive and sexual health.

Many women feel shy to visit a doctor with their intimate worries but that’s where we come in. At Femcity, we ensure that all our gynecologists and even their support staff are females. The doctors are also very empathetic, understanding and are women of today who understand new trends and value but respect old thoughts altogether.

Some of the services we provide include Gynecological Endoscopy, Urinary Incontinence (Ui) Treatment, Conducting Normal & Instrumental Deliveries, and Caesarean Sections, MTP, Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Tubectomy/Lap Sterilization, D&C, Circlage, Pap Smear, Infertility Treatment and even Vaginal tightening- Perineorraphy. This is not the only list, please call us to know of any other procedures you may require.

Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad

When to see an Obstetrician & Gynecologist?

Is an obstetrician and gynecologist the same?

People often misunderstand that a gynecologist is a doctor who provides healthcare to a pregnant woman, when actually an obstetrician is the specialist that gives healthcare to a pregnant woman, deals with all aspects of pregnancy from prenatal to post natal care, even conducts the birthing, normal delivery or cesarean delivery of your baby. An obstetrician can also provide therapies to help you get pregnant, such as fertility treatments.

Who are the top gynecologists and obstetricians at Femcity?

You will be absolutely delighted to know that all Femcity’s gynecologists are highly trained and experienced Obstetricians. So you have the luxury and perfection of having your reproductive and sexual health monitored and maintained by the very same doctors. This can be very beneficial. The female reproductive system is complex and certain issues (like sexual history, age of attaining puberty, sexual activity) differ from woman to woman. A gynecologist who knows and understands you most, is a blessing when she’s your obstetrician too and is going to primarily focus on your pregnancy, fetal development and the birthing process of your baby.

View our experienced Obstetricians and Gynecologists here.

 How to Choose the Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad

6  Points to note when choosing a Gynecologist

  1. Select highly experienced doctors.
  2. Select a doctor who values women.
  3. They can perform and provide the services you require. The hospital they are associated with has all the state of the art technology, equipment and support staff needed to provide you quality healthcare.
  4. Gynecologists use a variety of devices and machines to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients. Machines and devices can include (but are not limited to) ultrasounds, endoscopes, medical microscopes, forceps, traction devices, and surgical devices.
  5. They see patients on an individual basis and often times have an assistant or other medical staff present to help with the examinations or procedures being performed. We provide all-female support staff.
  6. You are comfortable with them- With sexual and reproductive health, it can be hard to know what’s “normal” and what may be a sign of a potential health hazard. It’s normal to feel embarrassed about certain issues, but your gynecologist has seen and heard it all and is there to help you, not to make you uncomfortable.


How often do you see a Gynecologist?

An experienced Gynecologist will know what problems can be diagnosed early and can be treated successfully. Depending on your health history, family history, and your age, your gynecologist can use this knowledge for checking for problems like cervical or breast cancer. Regular well visits to a gynecologist also give you the opportunity to discuss your personal reproductive health concerns like birth control, planning a pregnancy or improving your sexual health.


When should a woman see a gynecologist?

When you notice any of the following conditions, definitely consider booking an appointment with the gynecologist. Although, would definitely advise that regular gynecologist well visits go a long way in keeping women healthy and happy.

  • Painful Periods
  • Irregular Periods
  • Vaginal Odour
  • Swelling Bumps or Unusual Growths “Down There”
  • Discomfort or Pain during Sex
  • Dryness “Down there”
  • Urinary leakage or Urinary incontinence
  • Preparing to have a baby- conceive


Why Femcity has the Best Gynecologist In Hyderabad?

Femcity’s gynecologists are all highly-trained specialists with years and years of pivotal experience. But that is not the only quality in our gynecologists. All our gynecologists are experienced obstetricians which gives you the comfort of having the same doctor monitor your reproductive health as looking after your pregnancy. As explained above, this can be a great advantage.

Our gynecologists are also the best gynecologists in Hyderabad, explaining to, understanding and valuing the patient’s preferences and building a rapport with their patients.  Our specialist gynecologists/obstetricians see a wide range of female patients, some of who desire only a Normal delivery and some who prefer an elective cesarean. Our Obstetricians will guide you and help you make informed decisions whether it is during your pregnancies or even during normal gynecological procedures.

Gynecologists often are speaking about intimate subjects that may be sensitive for a patient. It is important to build a rapport and trusting relationship with their patients because often patients can be embarrassed or reserved in speaking about some of their concerns.

Best Gynecologist in Hyderabad
Our Female Doctors, Gynecologists/Obstetricians and Support Staff

We have female Gynecologists and female support staff.

A female gynecologist who can understand your reproductive health and who  you can freely express your concerts to, is what most women often prefer. Not only that, we even have support staff that is female.

Often, patients visit hospitals or doctors expecting a female gynecologist but are disturbed to see that so many of the support staff is male who is actually helping with procedures. At Femcity, we are proud to have a team of female fetal medicine specialists, female radiologists, nurses and other support staff. We have female anesthesiologists (anesthetist) too who often go hand in hand with gynecologists for certain procedures conducted in the operation theaters.



  • Can Obstetrics and Gynecologists treat infertility in women?

Your gynecologist can perform a preliminary fertility evaluation, or it could be as simple as guiding the patient on how to properly time intercourse with ovulation and so increasing the chances of pregnancy. Medical manipulation of hormones can sometimes help with fertility or at times a gynecological procedure may be needed. In short, yes. Yes, Obstetrics and Gynecologists can treat infertility in women.

  • Is a Female Gynecologist better than a male?

Most women find that they are very comfortable with a female woman gynecologist since the consultation with a gynecologist will most probably include some intimate details and also sometimes examinations. Read the above passage and understand our view better.

  •  Which hospital is best for gynecology in Hyderabad?

Femcity is undoubtedly the Best Hospital for Gynecology in Hyderabad. We have experienced specialist gynecologists and obstetricians, state of the art technologies, advanced scanning and treatment options. View our treatments offered amongst many other regular ones. We also are “The best Maternity Hospital in South India” Award winner.

  • Is it OK to go to the gynecologist while on your period?

Many women may feel uncomfortable visiting a doctor when on their period. However, contrary to how we feel, gynecologists will recommend it and in some cases prefer it as it may assist in examination and diagnosis.

  • What are the qualifications of Gynecologist-Obstetrician?

Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Master of Surgery (MS) in Gynecology & Obstetrics.

  • At what age should you start seeing a gynecologist?

A gynecologist can treat a girl or a woman at any age. It is often recommended to start to visit a gynecologist from the age of 13 to 15 years. Usually after puberty. However, it may not be necessary at a younger age unless there are health concerns.


Read about WHO guidelines on maternal, reproductive and women’s health right here.




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