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Best Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad

Best Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad

Starting a family? You have selected the Femcity: best Maternity hospital in Hyderabad!
Having a baby is an incredibly beautiful moment of your life and you would want the best Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad for that- and we are so much more than that. We wish to assure you that we will be there for you, your baby and your entire family from the very beginning of this journey to the joyous moment of your child’s birth and even forever after, looking after you and your child as our very own.
best maternity hospital

We, at Femcity: Women & Children Hospitals, do realize that this whole experience comes with a mixed bag of emotions – fear, excitement, stress and joy – and we take every care to make you utmost comfortable at every step. Our team of experienced obstetricians and healthcare professionals are all set to help you all throughout your journey – right from the conception to delivery, whether normal delivery or not. We would be willing to answer the smallest of your questions. Let us assure you that you will be our guest and together we will create the memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Femcity Antenatal Care from Maternity and Gynecology Specialists

During your pregnancy, the healthcare professionals at Femcity will be providing a range of services that will take care of you and your baby. Through this antenatal care, we will constantly check that you and your baby are keeping well. We proudly state that we hold an absolute mastery at providing fetal medicine, ultrasound scans, and services along with a complete range of laboratory tests.
Our ‘Meet & Greet Volunteers’ would make you feel comfortable as soon as you arrive and our amiable front office executives guide you through your course of the outpatient area. You will be provided with useful information to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. You will also be given information about antenatal classes, which includes –

• Dietary information for healthy moms and healthy babies
• Physio classes for heading towards a natural delivery by champion child birth educators
• Pilates for a magical experience that you’ve never had before
• Derma and cosmo advice for all your skin related concerns during pregnancy.
• Our lactation/ breastfeeding workshops would enhance your knowledge on nursing your new born
• Friendly help for dads
• Classes for parents on how to prepare elder siblings for the new member of the family

All of the above can be booked with us in advance. Our counselors will inform you of everything that you can expect with regard to the finance and insurance aspect.

Check out our experienced and skilled obstetricians right here!

Screenings and Tests

It’s time to see your baby and this indeed is very exciting! Ultrasound scans can tell you lot of information about your baby. They check that the fetus is growing and developing normally, using sound waves to build a picture of your baby in your womb. This will involve a small amount of cold gel being put on your tummy and a hand-held probe being rolled over your skin to get various views of your baby.

• Ultrasound pelvis
• Pelvis
• Antenatal growth scan
• Early TIFFA (11 to 14 weeks)
• Late TIFFA ( 20 to 22 weeks)
• USG abdomen & pelvis
• USG Transvaginal (TVS)
• USG NT scan
• Doppler
• Growth scan
• USG for fetal growth scan
• Follicular study
• Early pregnancy viability

Tests • Weight and height
• Blood tests
• Blood grouping
• Anemia (iron deficiency) detection
• Blood pressure
• Thyroid screening
• Urine exam

Best Maternity and Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is not an ailment in itself. But sometimes it can get complicated because of certain issues like diabetes, hypertension, anemia, preeclampsia, eclampsia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetic, chronic hypertension, renal impairments. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes is developed during your pregnancy you will receive the majority of your antenatal care from our Diabetes Antenatal team.

Specialized Care and Treatment for women and newborns

If circumstances get unfortunate in any way, we hate to separate mother and child, and so we have our in house multispecialty lady doctors who take excellent care of any of the health issues. We want you to feel both safe and confident, so you can have the best birth experience possible. A team of lady cardiologists, pulmonologists and anesthetists are always at your service and that’s why it’s important that you chose the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad, that can look after all your needs under one roof. Remember, your baby trusts only you.

Why is Femcity the best place to give birth?

Let’s take a sneak peek into Femcity’s birthing rooms. Look at our gallery here. We are the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad
Antenatal care and post natal care is special, but this is where you will find Femcity absolutely unique! Our state of the art fully equipped birthing suites will speak for themselves. Your chosen FEM Consultant Gynaecologists will be there with you by your side at the time of your delivery. The faces that you see from the very beginning will be the faces you see at the arrival of your baby. An ace team of cherry picked expert healthcare professionals will be there round the clock. We worry immensely about your pain too and provide epidural and other pain relief options.
Normal delivery or caesarean? We are well acquainted with this question that every woman faces. As an expecting mom, this is the most haunting thought all through the 9 months! We yearn to deliver your baby normally through vaginal delivery and assure to keep our C Section rates to a bare minimum if at all it is required to be done.
Normal delivery or caesarean? We are well acquainted with this question that every woman faces. As an expecting mom, this is the most haunting thought all through the 9 months! We yearn to deliver your baby normally through vaginal delivery and assure to keep our C Section rates to a bare minimum if at all it is required to be done.

Preparing for your special day

Packing bags
Let’s take a sneak peek into Femcity’s birthing rooms. Look at our gallery here.
• Clothing : Loose and comfortable for labour. Loose nighties and front open zips for nursing your baby
• A face cloth/sponge/hair tie/lip balm – water spray can help to cool you down
• Washbag – toothbrush, shower gel, deodorant & comb
• Something to read
• Sanitary pads
• An extra pillow or whatever you need to help you relax
• New babies receiving blanket
• Soft cotton clothes for your baby
• Newborn cream/oil of your choice

Labour and Delivery- Your baby arrives!

Top notch Delivery and Child birth experience

Your bundle of joy will be welcomed with a panel of neonatologists and pediatricians who are always present round the clock. Your baby will be taken care of in the well kids room with our nursing staff and other healthcare professionals. This well baby room cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person ensuring the safety of the new precious member of your family. As soon as babies are born, they are tagged with a wrist band with the mother’s name.

How we deal with High risk Pregnancies

On instances when your baby may need specialized health care we provide you with NICU support. Femcity’s prestigious Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is on par with international standards. Aided with the best modern equipment, we take total care of newborn babies with any kind of medical or surgical issue. Round the clock services are provided by the entire team. Femcity’s renowned neonatologists will be there providing you continuous support.
We realise how worried you are during a high risk pregnancy, during a difficult child birth or for a complication that needs specialized health care. Hence our doctors not just take care of your baby, but also take care of you at this time. You are welcome to shoot all your queries about our services, your healthcare needs or birthing experience without any hesitation. Our well trained nurses will have a continuous watch over the babies and provide specialized care for your baby’s needs and help mother and family with everything needed to make it the best child birth experience you deserve.

Post Natal Care - Specialized care for your baby's needs

After birth, babies who are placed skin to skin on their mother’s chest will let out a very distinctive birth cry and then enter a stage of relaxation, recovering from the birth. They will then start to wake and begin to move a little. As these movements increase they will actually start to crawl towards and familiarize themselves with the breast.
All mothers will be encouraged to offer the first feed-in skin contact when the baby shows signs of readiness to feed. Skin to skin contact is also a great thing for dads to do. It has all of the same benefits for the baby as skin to skin with the mother but it’s also a great way for dads to begin to build that special bond with their baby.


We encourage breastfeeding within the first hour of birth. WHO says that feeding colostrums in the first-hour increases the likelihood that babies will continue to be breastfed which gives them a head start in the ‘race against malnutrition’. Improved lactation and less loss of blood are two amongst all the noted benefits.

Formula feeds for your baby

Indeed, breastfeeding is valuable, and we support mothers to help their babies receive as much breast milk as they can. Experts believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants, but breastfeeding may not be possible for all women, so formula provides babies with the nutrients they need to grow. Our pediatricians are kind enough to help you with it all!

Read WHO recommendations here.

Going Home
If you’ve had a normal delivery in our Birth Centre or Delivery Suite, you can usually go home as soon as the next day itself. If you’ve had an epidural or instrumental delivery, a short stay in one of our postnatal wards is normal. If you’ve had a C-Section, you could go home on the third day, providing the recovery process has gone well.
It’s important to remember that longer stays may be necessary as each birth journey is individual. Before you leave the hospital, you will be given a set of postnatal notes, with information about your labor, delivery and postnatal care.
A discharge kit will be gifted to you along with a framed photo of your baby. This is our way of being a part of your joyous moments even after you leave!


Consider these 4 vital needs along with other factors.
1. Choose a hospital with a Level 3 NICU facility with state of the art, specialized care. Whether high risk pregnancy or not, you need to be prepared for your precious baby’s every need.
2. Choose a hospital with specialist gynecologists, obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians and anesthesiologists and lactation consultants having years of experience.
3. Choose a hospital that can provide specialized care and treatment for women & newborn all under one roof.
4. In today’s time delivery during the covid-19 Pandemic, choose a hospital that is Covid free.

During the Covid-19 crises, we allow one accompanying support person who would have gone through stringent precaustions to ensure he/she is safe for you and your baby.
If your water breaks you must come to the hospital, even if you don’t have contractions. Your doctor will discuss possible options with you.
After birth, babies who are placed skin to skin on their mother’s chest. All mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their baby, especially colostrum.

Femcity: Women & Children Hospitals

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