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We see women and child health uniquely!

At Femcity, we put women at the center of all that we do! With our new vision of healthcare, we realize that women’s and child health care needs are different.

Our Services
We offer a wide range of services catering to women of all ages and children upto 16 years of age.


Pregnancy is like a rebirth for a woman! The entire sphere of womanhood revolves around this divine phenomenon called giving a birth. It is this crucial period when women need all the emotional & physical support and quality care too.


Womanhood is strong yet delicate! At various stages of life, it may come across a series of medical and god forbid, but surgical challenges too. At Femcity, where our endeavour is to create a world of happy women.


Not falling sick and staying okay is not essentially a good health! There’s a lot women can do to nurture their physical as well as emotional strengths.  Regular workouts, scientific nutrition, mental exercises and meditation.


Kids are divine angels! Each one of them deserves the best quality health care whenever needed and all-round support all the time. Protecting their innocence and helping them live a prosperous life is our responsibility

Meet Our Specialist Doctors
Outstanding patient care is and always will be what drives us at femcity women’s hospital. We are committed to providing women and children with the highest quality care. When it comes to your health, we want to be the experts you turn to. Thus, we highlight our quality consultant care all through your treatment and health care.

Dr. Nasreen Ashfaq
Infertility, OBG & Gynaecologist
18 Years Experience

Dr. Syeda Iram Fatime
Obsterician & Gynaecologist
12 Years Experience

Dr. Jaya Bala
Gynaecologist & OBG
14 Years Experience

Dr Sarita Pingili
MD Neonatology USA
Neonatologist & Pediatrician
16 Years Experience

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