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Holistic healthcare for women

A woman’s health is way more complicated than what it looks; therefore maintaining good health and making it a priority is extremely important. Right from the teenage to the old age, at every growing stage of life, women need to take care of their health and wellbeing. Especially when a woman is willing to be a mother someday, obstetric and maternity care play an important role in her life. Motherhood is a blissful journey for a woman that begins with her pregnancy and continues for a lifetime. Though pregnancy and new motherhood are a blessing, it brings significant changes in a woman’s life including physical, mental and emotional changes. Therefore having proper guidance and support throughout the pregnancy phases and even after that is extremely important, in order to maintain good health and wellbeing for both mother & child.


Femcity is a hospital dedicated to complete healthcare for women with an expert team of all lady doctors and staff, state-of-the-art infrastructure, unique features and a wide range of service spectrum to provide the best healthcare facilities to our patients. We have experienced obstetricians, lady anesthesiologists, radiologists and healthcare professionals; nutritionists, lactation consultants to take every care of the mothers-to-be and to help them throughout the journey – right from the conception to delivery, ensuring the baby is delivered normal and healthy. But our care and support are not just limited to the pregnancy or delivery, we provide complete healthcare services for women of all ages.


Femcity offers a wide variety of diagnostic, surgical and other gynaecology procedures. These procedures comprise of diagnosis and treatment of many common gynaecological issues like abnormal pap smears, heavy periods, urinary incontinence, birth control and many more. And to ensure smooth gynaecology procedures and care, along with the expertise, we have well-equipped and updated infrastructure that includes all the necessary probing and monitoring equipment. Helping our patients is our priority and with all these specialities, we’re able to offer our patients the warm and personalized care they deserve.


Femcity is the renowned women’s multispecialty hospital of Hyderabad that offers the best maternity and healthcare services for women and children. With the help of our acclaimed women doctors and an able team of female staff, we provide expert treatment and consultation for all your problems. At Femcity, always be assured that you are in safe hands!

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