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Importance of Vaccination During Covid-19


Only recently, I heard of a friend who was diagnosed with Shingles(caused by the varicella-zoster virus) that also causes chicken pox. Unfortunately, this news gripped the family with the most daunting fear as they had her new-born grand daughter living with them who had not been vaccinated yet (Due to the Covid-19 fear). Not being administered the varicella vaccine meant the baby was not immune to the virus and would be at risk of developing chickenpox.  As a premature infant, that could have been extremely dangerous for her.

As a loving guardian of a young one, every parent is well aware of the critical importance of vaccinations and child well-visits to the doctor. Immunizations for babies, young children or teens are all an essential part of protecting your family. For many years now, there may be very few who are ignorant to the significance of vaccinations or to the horrid repercussions of missing or delaying them. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our perception of the importance of vaccination. Parents are delaying regular vaccinations in the intent of keeping kids safe and away from health care facilities. Globally, there has been an alarming decline in routine childhood vaccinations.  The pandemic has changed even the ever so careful parent to a doubtful and confused one. This shouldn’t be.

The actual significance and the need for regular vaccinations still remains the same. The truth is that vaccinations, both age appropriate, routine ones and the ones that can protect children and adults from seasonal diseases are even more crucial during the Covid-19 crises. We reiterate the seriousness of continuing the vaccination schedule despite the “Stay at home” era. There are many vaccine-preventable diseases, some which are not prevented by anything other than vaccinations and can protect your child and the family.We understand that in today’s crises, taking a child to the hospital can be a daunting thought, however, the realization that we are exposing the child to illnesses that can easily be prevented by a shot should supersede in our minds. In the case of my friend whose grand daughter was at the risk of contracting the chicken pox, only one thought came to their minds; “A covid-free hospital and a caring Paediatric team”.

At Femcity special care is taken to make sure the young ones and their parents are entirely safe. We understand that even during a pandemic your child needs those routine vaccinations and some general health well visits to the doctor, and focusing on the safety of your child and your concern, we have made our hospital entirely Covid free and take extra steps to keep our little ones safe. Find out what vaccinations are recommended for your child’s age and get that appointment now. If you’ve missed a few, don’t worry we are here to help. Click here to see The Recommended Immunization Schedule for children (here)

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