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Gifting the City of Hyderabad a World of Happy Women on Women’s Day!

Welcome to Femcity

Hyderabad. A city that has been through many evolutions. From a princely state to the capital of Andhra Pradesh and then the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Well, it has been a metamorphosis of sorts. During this period, the city has witnessed a complete makeover with the IT sector in 90s that brought a paradigm shift in its culture. It affected every city dweller; but more so, the women.

From a homemaker to a bread earner and more! 

Today, the Hyderabad woman is raring to go out and introduce herself as a global woman. Her identity is no longer limited to only that of a mother, a wife, a daughter or a sister; but to who she really is, what she likes, what are her hobbies and what she wants to be.

Walking the tightrope

In this changed scenario, the biggest challenge for her is to maintain the balance between fulfilling her family obligations and answering to the calling of her soul. She does this quite dexterously; often compromising willy-nilly, her health and happiness. Now, it’s high time someone took the onus of her happiness and did something for her.

Femcity- Welcome to a World of Happy Women!

 Femcity is more than just a women’s multispecialty hospital where lady doctors treat lady patients. It’s women’s own space where they can assert their right to have a healthy body and a happy mind. It’s where they feel free to be who they really are and speak up their mind. It’s where they feel free and fearless. In short, it’s a world of happy women!

And the good news is, this world is all set to unfold on 8th March 2019 and we would be glad to welcome you there!
Venue: Femcity       Time: 5 pm
Note: Even men who respect all the women in their life and in general, are welcome to the event! 

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