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Lady Doctors for Lady Patients

From anatomy to psychology, women have special needs and have to be understood in a special light. As we have read or heard at some point in our life that almost every ailment is psychosomatic; it becomes absolutely necessary that the background causing some ailment in a woman is analysed thoroughly. This naturally includes her emotional state too.

A lady doctor understands better

Moreover, when a lady doctor treats a lady patient, she has an advantage of understanding her in a much better way than a male doctor could ever do. Lady doctors are more aware of a woman’s psychological needs, her social constraints and the demands from the society she has to meet (first and foremost, the demands from her family). On this background, a lady doctor is always in a better position to understand her, counsel her, acknowledge her personal needs and pave the way of her physical and emotional wellbeing….and ultimately to keep her happy!

A comfort zone for lady patients

When a woman knows that she is going to a lady doctor; that automatically lessens her anxiety by half. For now she knows that she can get rid of all her physical and psychological inhibitions. This is especially true when it comes to something like internal examination, say for example, for some gynecological or any general problem she may have. (eg.: Any checkup that needs an x-ray of chest, sonography etc ).

A happy woman makes a happy family and happy families make a happy nation….and that’s our sole endeavour at Femcity.

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