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A one-of-its-kind initiative

What a pleasant evening that was! A huge turnout was there to witness the strategic soft launch of Femcity Hospital. Women have gathered in large numbers to celebrate Women’s Day and at the same time, experience an informal function wherein 5 woman patients representing 5 generations were asked to come forward and sow the seeds to symbolically inaugurate the facility. 8th March 2019. This was the date when Femcity – ‘a world of happy women’ formally came into existence…

8th March 2019 – An unforgettable Women’s Day!

The women from different walks of life and from various parts of Hyderabad started gathering from 4 pm onwards. Each one of them was excited to experience something different, something unthought-of, something that was never heard of! The idea of inaugurating a women’s multi-specialty hospital at the hands of its very own women patients was so unique that it marked an era of – a healing touch for the women by the women… For the first time in Hyderabad, a women’s hospital with all women doctors and lady specialists is now eager to serve you! That’s why the women that have gathered had the feeling as if it was a function at their home. At their ‘second home’ to be precise.

A community is being built

Much beyond a hospital, Femcity is place that respects and nurtures the dreams of today’s woman. Much more than a doctor-patient relationship, it is a bond of womanhood. Much more than just a group of satisfied patients, it is a community being built.

So this is how the Femcity was inaugurated and is emerging as ‘a world of happy women’…

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