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Get ready to celebrate womanhood!

After a zestful evening of 8th March 2019, now is the time to have yet another blast at Femcity. 8th March witnessed the strategic soft launch of Femcity Hospital and 8th April will now witness a formal launch. Femcity is first of its kind hospital in Hyderabad that caters to a number of health needs of women and that too by women doctors. This all women hospital is a unique landmark in historic Hyderabad that in fact spells out the beginning of a new history.
8th April 2019 – Prepare yourself for a leap ahead!
In a formal launch ceremony on 8th April, Femcity will once again proclaim it’s commitment to women health. The programme will be graced by the prominent women personalities from different walks of life. It’s going to be a memorable evening and we want you to be a part of it. So, keep the evening free and join us for this momentous occasion. We will be honored to have you as one of our guests.
In a large-scale battle of women empowerment, Femcity has made a commitment of contribution through it’s focus on making women aware of their health issues and to enable them with the tools to address those issues. We are on a path that leads to a better future for women and what could be more gratifying than the company of well-wishers like you? Let’s get together in this journey and we will reach our destination in no time!

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