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Happy National Doctor’s Day! Celebrating life with the lifelines!

In our country, perhaps after God, parents and teachers, it is the doctors whom we value the most and why not, they save lives. In general, a normal person works in a 9 to 5 job, but doctors are always available for their services regardless of time. There is hardly any profession that can come even close to what they do for us. Someone said it truly, “The presence of the doctor is the beginning of the cure.” We people don’t even realize how our lives are so dependent on them. From small queries to serious issues, we rush to them as many times as we need and they unknowingly become an integral part of our family.

When doctors meet doctors…The fraternity grows!

In a lifetime, every doctor serves countless people; they cure them, treat them and save their lives and there are hardly any words that can glorify their efforts. Therefore, National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of July in India to honor doctors and to thank them for their indispensable services. Though dedicating just one day to doctors is not enough, but it is important to raise awareness and make people understand their importance, the role they play in our lives and to pay gratitude towards them.

It’s Femcity way of celebration!

In honor of National Doctor’s Day, we had a celebration at Femcity hospital where our expert women doctors presented and exchanged their views with each other. Everyone expressed their sincere gratitude to all the doctors who remain committed not only to the hospital but to our patients as well. At Femcity, we have a team of expert doctors who work hard for their patients’ wellbeing and make all the efforts to give them a best and carefree life in the future. Doctors are the lifeline and we all are grateful for the extraordinary efforts they put forth every day. There’s a sense of pride in caring for others and our doctors carry it very well.

To all the proud doctors in the world, thank you and Happy National Doctor’s day!

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