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Changing the face of Pediatric Care

When it comes to children’s health care, it’s extremely important to maintain their health and take preventive measures to protect them from several hazardous diseases and illnesses. Pediatric and neonatal care are the branches of medicine that look after the health and medical care of infants, children and adolescents (i.e. birth up to the age of eighteen). In the past few decades, the medical field, especially the pediatric and neonatal care, has changed tremendously owing to several astounding advancements and innovations. Despite all the technological advances, the goal of pediatric care to provide compassionate care and to always make sure that children are happy, healthy and growing well in a safe environment, will always remain the same.

At Femcity, we have the best team of expert paediatricians and surgeons, as child health care is always the highest priority for us. We understand that children’s healthcare is way more different than adult health care and thus needs a different approach as well. Being the renowned women and children’s multispecialty hospital, we acknowledge that it’s our responsibility to identify and practice all such unique approaches that will help to improve children’s overall health.

Play Therapy- treating with playfulness!

Femcity’s play therapy is a unique and innovative frolic approach to healthcare that works wonders and brings the much-needed change in pediatric care. Play therapy is one of its kind techniques that heals and treats intertwining world-class healthcare with play and increases the chances of successful health care treatment. Practising play therapy minimizes the anxiety of hospitalization in children and their families and strengthens their coping skills as well. To make this play therapy more interesting, our in-house play specialists like Dr Spiderman and Dr Barbie suits-up every time for their patients. They are the best play buddies of children whom they eagerly look forward to meet. They provide bedside play, procedural support and accompany children and their families during medical interventions and counselling sessions.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

At Femcity, we always treat our patients more like a family. We understand the value of family in a person’s life and therefore we build an environment that is friendly to the patient and their family. Family plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of other family members, especially children. We acknowledge that emotional, social, and developmental support are the integral components of health care. Patient and family-centred approaches lead to better health outcomes and greater patient and family satisfaction. The family is the child’s primary source of strength and engaging them in the health care team in a supportive manner helps a lot and gives a positive experience to everyone. Due to this practice, families & patients believe in us and trust us with better services and treatments.

With our unique approaches, we aim to change the face of paediatrics completely and impact the children’s health care services for betterment. Visit Femcity to get an experience of a lifetime for you and your child! Avail the best neonatal and pediatric services at the best women and children’s multispecialty hospital, Femcity, Hyderabad.

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