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Constipation in Pregnancy

Constipation in Pregnancy

Constipation in Pregnancy

Women are the strongest creation, aren’t they?! Well, if you’re not sure, ask a pregnant woman suffering from constipation! And if you are one of those pregnant women, my salutations to you my dear, oh brave mother to be!

Amongst the mood swings, swollen feet, smell aversions, food aversions, constipation has a problematic place of its own and can be one of the very troublesome troubles of pregnancy! A lady once said, “Being pregnant and constipated is worse than Child birth.” And to add to that are the family myths that exerting pressure on your baby will make it pop out!! Don’t worry. There are ways to deal with this pregnancy discomfort.

We noticed there isn’t much talk about pregnancy constipation on the internet, probably because it’s awkward, but at Femcity we believe women should be allowed to talk about and get advice for whatever makes them uncomfortable. Being pregnant and constipated is absolutely normal. We don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it and we are here to help you.

Is it seriously harmful to mother or baby?

The first most daunting concern for any mother to be is “Can this affect my baby or cause complications?” Relax; constipation is more of annoying and uncomfortable condition than a harmful one for you or your baby and so you can keep your mind at ease as you read on.

So why do you have constipation in pregnancy?

The most obvious factor contributing to constipation in pregnancy is increased hormone levels, particularly progesterone, which relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract, that slows the movement of food and waste through your body. In the latter weeks of pregnancy, baby can put pressure on your intestines to block bowel movements. The reduced physical activity, reduced water or fluid intake, and most definitely iron supplements can be other causes of constipation in pregnancy.

Now, the most awaited topic,

How can you avoid constipation in pregnancy?

  • Pregnant women should ideally consume 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber. Go for fresh fruits, vegetablesbeans, peas, lentils, bran cereals, whole wheat bread
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Even prune juice is a good choice.
  • Eat at regular and proper mealtimes. Try more frequent but smaller portions to make digestion easier on your growing, developing body.
  • Try to deal with it early on and don’t wait for it to get bad.
  • Discuss with your obstetrician in the early symptoms. Remember our trusted doctors are here for you to have a marvelous pregnancy experience. Let them help.

If these don’t work!! What do you do? First thing. Don’t panic. We are here for you.

The doctor would want to avoid this but under some circumstances, it may be useful to use a laxative or other methods. Talk to your doctor about it. We, at Femcity encourage women to talk about their pains and worries openly.

That’s it? you ask. Is that all that is the worst in pregnancy? No, not even the beginning. Braving through a load of ailments through 36 weeks, us women, strongly and stealthily give birth to our little darlings, and to the child of our men and the angel of our families.

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