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A world of happy women is about to arrive at Hyderabad!

She is sensitive yet strong, a dreamer and a doer, perceptive and practical. She looks after her family’s physical and emotional wellbeing. She is at the helm of a family, why of the whole world. But who looks after her health and happiness? Well, the answer is Femcity. It’s a world for happy women. It’s where a woman would feel she belongs. It’s here she would smile, laugh, shed a tear and most importantly, all her cares. For a happy woman can make this world a much better place.

In honour of her multitasking

Her role is no longer limited to that of a housewife; more sophisticatedly, of a homemaker. For now, you find her juggling her career and her family responsibilities simultaneously. However, she doesn’t like to compromise one for the other. Well, but when it comes to her health; she almost always seems to put it on the backburner. This newfangled world of happy women is an attempt to assure her that she need not compromise anything any longer. Not even her health. Henceforth, all she would need to do is enter the loving folds of this world that’s exclusively hers. For this would be the only place that’s created exclusively for her. The place that would soon find a special corner in her heart. Her very own space to grow, develop and blossom!
This amazing world of happy women is poised to manifest itself on the occasion of women’s day. Till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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