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9 Months Of Pregnancy: A Journey

9 Months Of Pregnancy: A Journey

Having a baby is one of the most blissful feelings in the life of a couple. With each passing day changes occur in the body of a woman as she turns into a mother. While a few of these changes are evident physically yet some other changes remain unnoticed as they occur on the emotional side.

Pregnancy is a journey of 9 months or 38 weeks that starts from the first day of women’s last menstrual cycle, that is two weeks before conception actually occurs. These stages of pregnancy are of 38 weeks and divided into 3 trimesters each of them lasting between 12-13 weeks

A summary of the changes that occur in the body of the women during this period is described below


It occurs when mature egg meets with sperm cell and makes its way towards the fallopian tube.

WEEK 1-4


By the end of first week, the fertilized egg makes its way towards fallopian tube and attaches to womb lining. It is now called as embryo. It derives its nutrition and oxygen from mother’s blood.

By the end of fourth week, your home pregnancy test will determine whether you are pregnant or not


Sex of baby and other minor things are decided on the basis of genetics. Baby grows at a faster rate which is difficult to see without a magnifying glass.

WEEK 5-8


(5th Week) Feels tired easily. Tenderness of breasts occurs because tissues develop to store milk.

(6th Week) Feeling of sickness as pregnancy hormones develop.

(7th Week) Choice of food, likes, and dislikes may change

(8th Week) Hair growth thickens. Feeling of peeing increases due to the increased size of uterus that puts more pressure on the bladder.


(5th Week) Heart and blood vessels begin to form.

(6th Week) Embryo begins to grow from 3 layers: first layer develops the nervous system and brain, second grows to digestive system and lungs and the third one develops heart, blood system, muscles, and skeleton. Embryo takes the shape of a tadpole, but the tailbone forms coccyx. Size of embryo grows and is approx size of nail of little finger.

(7th Week) Baby’s heart starts to beat and lungs have started forming. Movement occurs but remains unfelt for some time.

(8th Week) Baby is about half inch from top to bottom. Amniotic sac develops which keeps her protected throughout pregnancy. Tiny hands, feet and webbed fingers start to form.


WEEK 9-12


(9th Week) Waistline thickens and breasts enlarge.

(10th-11th Week) Feeling of hunger grows as the body is growing a baby. Contrary to belief of people ,no extra calories are required by now. Tiredness and lack of sleep may occur

(12th Week) Waist becomes thick. Emotional changes occur.


(9th Week) Baby is approx an inch long from head to toe, eyelids develop but remain closed. The ends of arms and legs begin to take the shape of hands and feet.

(10th-11th Week)

Baby’s heart is fully developed and working but still remains unheard. Head looks bigger than body by now. Toes and fingers loose webbing and nails start to form. Arms and legs become long and elbows can bend.

(12th Week) Almost all organs and structure are formed and will grow from now. Baby is moving her legs and curl. 20 little buds develop into teeth.


WEEK 13-16


(13th-14th Week) Development of dark line from navel to pubic hair due to increased pigmentation of skin. Darkening of nipples occurs. Second trimester starts in 14th week.

(15-16 Week)

  • Pregnancy glow appears.
  • Baby bump shows.


(13th-14th Week)

  • Your baby is three inches long by now. Ears develop but she cannot hear. Organs such as liver, kidney and lungs start to mature and baby looks more like a baby.

(15-16 Week)

  • She sucks her thumb by now and move her limbs.
  • Body grows faster now to catch up with the size of head.


WEEK 17-20


(17th-18th Week) Feeling of baby’s movements and their heartbeat.

(19 Week) Halfway through pregnancy, mood swings may occur.

(20 Week) Baby’s kick and movement can be felt by mother.


(17th-18th Week) Baby is approx 6.5 inches by now.Tastebuds began to form and the baby can move or kick by now which can be felt. Her face develops the facial features like eyebrows and eyelashes.

(19 Week) Baby’s second teeth start to form behind first ones.

(20 Week) Size of baby is approx 10 inches. He/She is active and can grasp with hands


WEEK 20-23


(21th Week)

  • Sleep may get disturbed.
  •  Feelings of anxiety and forgetfulness may occur.
  • Indigestion occurs in some of the women.

(22 Week) Feelings of becoming parent sink in.

(23 Week) Backache or leg cramps may develop.


(21th Week) Baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes start growing.

(22 Week) Baby’s weight is about 1 pound by now.

(23 Week) Baby has wrinkly skin and is able to hear voices.


WEEK 24-28


(24th-25th Week) Stretch marks develop on stomach and breasts.

(26-27 Week) Your walk begins to change and swelling develops on limbs. Third trimester begins at 27th week


(24th-25th Week) Baby is approx 11 inches by now.Although lungs aren’t mature but she breathes now. She passes tiny amount of urine back to amniotic fluid.

(26-27 Week) YBaby grows fast and is gaining fat and muscle now.She may also open and close her eyes.


WEEK 29-32


(29th-30th Week) Sleeping disturbances occur.

(31-32 Week) Stretch marks and indigestion may occur.


(29th-30th Week) Baby is around 40 cm and weighs 1.5 kgs . Breathing movements occur more regularly.

(31-32 Week) He/She is about 16 inches by now and is making movements every day. Baby is lying downwards for birth


WEEK 33-36


Tummy button may be sticking out.


His/Her lungs are developed and she is making movements which can be felt. He/She weighs approx 5 pounds by now.

WEEK 37-38


Pack your bags.


Baby is putting on weight approx half ounce a day.


Although the period of 9 months mof preganancy might look like a little scary for people but the ones experiencing the feeling know that it is one of the best feelings of their life. Care and love is all that is needed by mother and the child in all this period.

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