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Newborn Healthcare is the ultimate responsibility

Nothing compares to the feeling of holding the sweet-smelling, cute creature that earlier was a part of your body, but right now is your little twinkling angel. Isn’t it interesting, how the baby which was not even part of your life became the whole world for you? The protection of those angels from infection and diseases after birth is the ultimate requirement for every parent. This is how life can change overnight, that you couldn’t imagine your life without them. Persistent care for a newborn is a necessity for her healthy future. The first week of a baby’s life is a special and overwhelming time. Although if your baby is only one week old, there is a lot that can happen in their growth and development during this time.

Importance of Immunization

Immunization is one of the most important factors that can preserve those pleasant little giggles. Complete the vaccination series as per the recommendation of doctors to protect the baby against threats like Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, etc.,as their tender body and system are more vulnerable to get affected by diseases.

Compassionate care for infants

The newborn babies require 14 to 17 hours of sleep every 24 hours day. It is a part of their growing process. But whenever they get up, they should be making active noises, otherwise if excessive lethargy is becoming noticeably visible and the baby is too quiet, then do not think twice to schedule your appointment with the doctor.

Adapt to changes

Try not to be alarmed if your baby loses some weight during the first few days of life. Babies are born with extra body fluid and typically lose up to 10% of their birth weight before they stabilize and start gaining. By their two-week birthday, babies should be back up to their birth weight, and during the first month, they’ll gain weight quickly – putting on between a half-ounce and an ounce a day. Their continuous changing body features might surprise you, and irregular breathing might be worrying you, but it is quite normal among infants.

Understanding their likes & dislikes

Your baby is working on fine-tuning the skills needed to survive outside of the womb. This involves suckling, digesting, and setting up their immune system and digestion system. You can notice the developing reflexes, for example, when anyone place his finger in the palm of the baby and she holds that fingers, or here is one more example – babies are fond of high-frequency sounds (rattle toys, wind chimes) that’s why we have observed them laughing or happily yelling whenever they hear that sound.

Focus on Nutrition

We have all heard how breastfeeding strengthens a baby’s immune defenses and increases emotional connections between a mother and her baby. However, in cases of the prematurely born baby, a mother might not be allowed to breastfeed her baby. Not only at the time of gestation period, the mother and child are still connected after birth too! As per UNICEF and WHO recommendations, babies should have breast milk from birth till 2 years of age.

Femcity has a dedicated neonatal intensive care unit that treats the babies from the time of delivery till discharge with expertise and caring nursing staff, monitors, warmers and ventilators to take care of sick, ill neonates. Femcity NICU is equipped with 24-hour laboratory and radiology services. For effectively nurturing premature babies, we have an acclaimed team of experts for their lactation, treatment and careful handling. Get the assurance of the best pediatric care at Femcity!

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