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Aging in a Healthy Way

Healthy aging is the maintenance of Optimal Physical, Mental and Social well-being as we grow older.

This can be achieved by Addressing Basic needs, Maintaining Health by Identifying and Intervening at the right time with accessible Health care, Promoting Social engagement and supporting their Independence. Healthy ageing requires people to take personal responsibilities for their health by taking Good Nutrition and Engaging in Physical Activity. The importance of Preventive care, which is seeking medical advice, Routine Screening and Health checkups with timely intervention should not be overlooked. Mental Health is crucial for overall health. Loneliness, Isolation, Chronic illness and dealing with loss can lead to Depression and limit contact. Having friends to socialize with and opportunities that challenge the mind also contribute to a Happy and healthy aging process.

A Positive outlook and enhancing the Quality of Life by providing opportunities to improve and preserve Physical and Emotional well-being is essential to Healthy Aging.

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