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Walkathon Walk for a healthy life

Being an integral part of society, we are benefitted in numerous ways and thus it’s everyone’s responsibility to do a little bit of good work in return as well. Contributing to the wellbeing and progress of others helps in making this world a better place to live. With respect to this notion, Femcity has always actively participated and organized many such social events thus making a difference in our society.

“Walkathon- a NutriDiet walk” was one of such event, which was recently organized by Femcity, on the 8th of September on the occasion of National Nutrition Week. September is now known as the National Nutrition Month; therefore to raise the awareness and to convey people the importance of proper nutrition, Femcity has taken this initiative to spread the message on a large scale. A decent turnout was expected but to our utter surprise, the event was a huge success and hundreds of people joined us making it an unbelievably grand social movement. Everyone gathered at Femcity Hospital early in the morning wearing the walkathon tee-shirts, with a fresh and enthusiastic mindset. The event was flagged off by our honorable chief guests Mr. Andrew Fleming, the Deputy Commissioner of British High Commission, Hyderabad and Mrs. Rachel Chatterjee, IAS Chairperson of the India Red Cross Society, Andhra Pradesh Chapter. It was a few miles distance that we all walked hand in hand, encouraging others to join us and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Alongside our NutriDiet walk, a diet display was held by our Dieticians to explain all the nutritious foods and their benefits to us. Later, a healthy nutritious breakfast was also arranged and enjoyed by everyone. Walkathon was indeed a very refreshing day for all of us!

Femcity- we make a difference!

The main motive of this initiative was to spread the importance of good nutrition for the human body. A nutrition-rich food which is a combination of multiple nutrients in an appropriate quantity is essential for our health and wellbeing. A good and balanced nutritious diet improves the quality of our lives whereas poor diet choices might cause morbidity and illnesses. Femcity always looks forward to taking such initiatives in hand for the betterment of society. As the best multispecialty hospital for women and children in Hyderabad, we thrive to make a difference and contribute more and more from our side!

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