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Effective Relief From Vascular Disorders… Within Your Reach!

An average adult human body contains than 100,000 miles of blood vessels. The vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body are known as the vascular system. These blood vessels act as medium arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body parts and veins carry the impure blood back to the heart. This vascular system is mainly called “Roadways of Circulatory system”. The function of blood in the human body resembles the process of how machines work with the flow of fuels, the same without smoothly flowing blood, a body cannot function. The only difference is, the fuel needs refilling but in human beings, it regulates circulatory motion with the continuous process of pumping out pure blood and taking in the impure. As discussed above it is one of the essential body organs that functions to be alive. A blockage can result in the amputation of that particular part of the body or maybe way more than hazardous diseases or illness.

The identification of the vascular disorder is way more difficult than its treatment. It is not uncommon for a patient with leg pain to be treated by an orthopaedic or neurosurgeon for months or even years till gangrene sets in, and vascular basis is suspected. After a certain period amputation is unavoidable. The anatomical structure of the vascular system moreover looks like a vast network of veins, arteries and capillaries reach every corner of the body, delivering oxygen to tissues and removing wastes.

A responsible vascular surgeon makes sure patients with vascular health issues know and understand all their options. In short, every time vascular disorders don’t need surgery only. Many vascular problems can be treated with medication or exercise. Some experts specialize in different kinds of vascular interventions, so their patients tend to get those treatments. Some patients need one; some need the other, while many need no surgery at all. Vascular surgeons are “treatment agnostic”. At Femcity, we understand the value of the patient’s life, and take good care of health and assured they will get the best treatment for their particular needs like Angioplasty, Stenting, and Sclerotherapy, etc. In vascular surgery, many times there are either imaging studies or other vascular laboratory studies done, which are ultrasound studies.

Varicose veins are swollen, enlarged and twisting veins, often appearing blue or dark purple. Varicose veins are large, swollen veins that often appear on the legs and feet. They happen when the valves in the veins do not work properly, so the blood does not flow effectively. Varicose veins can create a situation of serious discomfort that may be called painful too. More than 20 % of all adults are thought to be affected by varicose veins. At the time of pregnancy, women are more susceptible to varicose veins and people who are overweight have increased risk of varicose veins. In extreme cases of malfunctioned valves causes rupturing of varicose veins that require immediate treatment.

At Femcity, we clearly understand the meaning of trust that our patients show. Through our precise practice and hard work, we as a team strive to get happiness, satisfaction and smile back in the patient’s life. Our team of Medical Experts ensures your sound health and wellbeing. Femcity offers the best vascular treatment, as we have the first female vascular surgeon in India Dr Pritee Sharma (a member of the Medical Council of India) to cure all disorders generated from malfunctioning of veins.

At Femcity, we have the best team of expert cardiologists and surgeons, and through extraordinary treatments and medical guidance, they cure the most hazardous diseases with utmost care. Pronounced as the best women and children’s multispecialty, Femcity identifies the patient’s health as their responsibility to treat at the grassroots level of disease and strives to give freedom from the pain. With complete precision and perfection, they are creating wonders by building a new pillar of health care in their way of care and affection. Avail the best treatment and vascular surgery at the best women and children’s multispecialty hospital, Femcity, Hyderabad.

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