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Launch of a dream!

8 April 2019 was quite a day for Femcity and its well wishers. The day saw the formal launch of Femcity. IPS officer Swati Lakra was present as the chief guest of the evening. Noted karate champion Syeda Falak and other renowned personalities
were also present for the event. During her inspirational inaugural speech, Swati Lakra laid great emphasis on women health citing it as an important prerequisite for women empowerment. She won the hearts of the audience with her deep understanding of women issues and her thrust on finding out workable solutions to deal with these issues.

On this joyous and memorable occasion, the dignitaries unveiled Femcity logo, Femcity’s corporate website, the brand song and a concept book elaborating on the idea behind Femcity. Femcity’s Fem 9 package was also introduced. It’s a Pre and Post Pregnancy Care package of 9 months specially designed for homemakers as well as working women. The presence of women and men from across different socio-economic strata was quite overwhelming.

Femcity is rooted in the unique idea aimed at empowering women by enabling them to address their health needs. The idea can be easily summarized as an initiative of the women, by the women, for the women. The launch ceremony was a testimony of the fact that the idea called Femcity is getting wide recognition. It triggered a mix of feelings in our minds. While we were extremely happy to witness the appreciation, we were also humbled by the sense of responsibility. At the end of the ceremony, we realized that our journey has now formally begun and we were all geared up for the ride!

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