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Are Antenatal Classes Important?

Antenatal Classes Important

Antenatal Classes in Hyderabad

If you’re reading this, you’re probably pregnant and already impatient with heaps of complaints & issues, so I’m not going to make you wait anymore. I’ll jump straight to it. 

What are antenatal classes?

Antenatal classes are learning sessions that teach expectant parents about child birth, labour and looking after a newborn.

You could argue that you have done all your research and are totally prepared! No, that’s not always true. It’s not enough just to browse on the Internet. It’s not enough to follow “Mummy influencers” and it’s not enough to watch all the Breast Feeding reels there are life! It’s just not enough!

 It’s important that you and your partner indulge in real professional advice, clubbed together with practical training and practice. In many scenarios of being a new parent, advice may also need to be medical, and so unauthorized sources should be avoided.

If I could say, I would say that Antenatal classes are almost compulsory for new parents! It’s essential to overcome the fear and stress of the new responsibility that comes with pregnancy and ultimately childbirth. 

The classes not only assist you in learning new tasks but also re-assure you that pregnancy and baby may not be as difficult as it appears to you! 

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes in Hyderabad may appear a new concept to many, but they have been around for many years. The only thing, many mums and parents-to-be did not realize the massive help it can be to them.

Many believe these antenatal classes are just for nuclear families. I would recommend antenatal classes in Hyderabad, in particular also for new parents who live in joint families. Sometimes there is so much concern from every loved one around the new mom, that it becomes overwhelming and confusing for the new mom. At such times, the knowledge gained in antenatal classes would be empowering for the new mom and father, who will know to take the right decisions with confidence regarding their baby!

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At Femcity Hospitals these antenatal classes are held in a pleasant and accepting environment where qualified instructors answer any questions, concerns, or ideas new parents may have.

Antenatal classes in Hyderabad at Femcity Hospitals teach you about proper nutritional diet and physical exercises that can help you deal with the discomforts you experience during and after pregnancy.

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 Antenatal classes in Hyderabad at Femcity Hospitals specifically focus on the benefits you and your baby can reap through normal delivery and how we can help to achieve that.

The antenatal classes will conduct sessions on labour, birthing, and the baby’s first few years of life. 

Some of the topics covered are 

  • How to prepare for labour
  • Learn to identify the signs of labour and when to call the hospital.
  • Learn to identify the stages of labour
  • Learn about different birthing positions 
  • Lamaze- Relaxation and breathing skills to use during labour.
  • Looking after a newborn

Just imagine how comforting it is to have all this knowledge beforehand, so you are all ready and confident for the Big Day!

My most favorite part of Antenatal classes is Lamaze classes! Lamaze technique is a form of preparation for childbirth.

The goal of Lamaze Classes is to give the mother confidence for birthing in a relaxed, non-stressful way.

Antenatal classes have their own way of reducing the chances of postpartum depression. To be honest, for me, as a woman, I think this is reason enough to go and book your antenatal classes at Femcity Hospitals. 

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