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Pregnancy & Delivery amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic


You are pregnant and bursting with joy, but no one can deny the sinking feeling and worry stinging at your heart as you realize you are in the midst of the pandemic. Nothing should be taking away or even diminishing the happiness of bringing your baby in this world by even a little bit. That’s where we come in. We understand that this unprecedented tough time leaves parents-to-be anxious and confused. But here at Femcity we are prepared to safeguard the health of all expectant mums and babies with the best efforts and expertise . If you come to us, we promise to take over your worries and get you through this tensed period absolutely stress free. Femcity is ensuring we keep our hospital entirely Covid free. Every point is checked and rechecked to make certain that the virus does not get through. Our initiatives to combat the virus are targeted and precise leaving almost no room to chance.

Furthermore, our medical plan also revolves around your safety first. For instance, every expecting mum will not need to come to the hospital for each and every test. There may be tests that are not absolutely necessary and can be postponed so you may stay safely at home. On the other hand, there may be additional precautions or investigations that will keep you and your baby safer during this stressful time. Our super specialist team of Obstretic and Gynaecologist doctors, are all equipped with experience and expertise to look after you and plot a special care plan best suited to you and your baby’s specific situation.

If it’s already time for your delivery, again there is no need to fret. Every mum-to-be is tested for Covid-19 to protect the unborn child. We understand that you need your partner or maybe your mum to support you at the time of delivery and so, whether it’s your partner, spouse, mother or any other accompanying support persons, will be passed through rigorous screening for Covid-19 risk factors keeping you, your baby and others at the hospital safe. With a carefully selected plan our doctors and support staff will hold your hand all the way from antenatal appointments to delivering your baby, post natal checks and concerns and looking after your new born baby. Leave all the details to us at Femcity and even in the midst of the pandemic you can just enjoy a stress free pregnancy and delivery just as you deserve.

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