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Breastfeeding : A blissful gift for you and your baby!

When a child is born, a mother is born too! Right from the beginning of their journey, they are connected to each other in such a way that even inside the womb a baby can feel everything that the mother feels. Doctors and our elders advise us to have nutritious foods during pregnancy so that the baby can get all the nutrients too. But does it mean that after the birth, the baby doesn’t need any nutrition from the mother? Absolutely not! It’s the time when the baby needs her mother the most!

The best choice for your baby!

Breastfeeding is the only way to provide the baby with all the required nutrition. It’s a healthy and natural food for the newborns. But nowadays because of the influence of modernity, many women especially the working women are opting for artificial supplements and formula milk over natural breast milk which can be dangerous for the baby’s health. Therefore to raise awareness about breastfeeding and to encourage today’s women to breastfeed their babies, more than 120 countries worldwide celebrates the World Breastfeeding Week in August. There can be various reasons why women avoid breastfeeding and go for the alternate options but the underline is that your baby misses out on those nutrients that your milk has.

An ounce of breast milk has more power than anything!

Unlike artificial supplements and milk formulas, naturally produced mother’s milk is much more nutritive and benefits the child’s health. The first six months of baby’s life are crucial and it is important to feed her breast milk as it not only provides nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals but also helps baby’s immunity. It contains amino acids, white blood cells and antibodies which fight bacteria and infection and protects the baby against several diseases. The milk is easily digestible and reduces the risk of allergies in the baby. Also, the physical closeness, the warmth and eye contact – all help your baby to bond with you and feel secure. Breastfeeding is beneficial for the mothers as well. It helps them recover from labor. It burns the extra calories, which helps in losing pregnancy weight faster. It releases the hormone Oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size and may reduce uterine bleeding after birth. Breastfeeding also lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, breast and ovarian cancer and may lower your risk of osteoporosis too.
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