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Happy Mother’s Day – Celebration of Love

“Mother!” It’s not just a word, it’s an emotion. Our entire world revolves around her, right from the beginning and then for throughout our lives. We can’t even imagine what our lives would be without her. Even if she is not around, we feel her presence around us. She holds our hands for a short while, but our hearts forever.

For a woman, deciding to have a child and being a mother is the most strenuous decision to make. Giving birth to a child can bring enormous changes in a woman, both physically and emotionally. Still, she bears a child inside her body for nine months and then lets her own heart out to grow and walk around, outside her body. No one can ever imagine her pain and sacrifices she makes to bring a beautiful creation in this world.

Motherhood is truly momentous! It’s the most beautiful gift from God to the universe. Mothers are irreplaceable and in fact, motherhood should be celebrated every single day. However, as we dedicate a special day to her every year, we should make it worth by showing our immense love and respect for her.

Motherhood is where all the love begins and flourishes. Femcity understands this to the core and takes care of all mothers and would be mothers. We make sure that we always travel an extra mile to give our best help and care to them.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone from Femcity. Let’s celebrate the divine emotion!

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